Moss & Mulch

Magic Mulch "The Product Sucks" - Milled (chopped) Moss & Seaweed.   "It's this easy". We developed this product to blend through soils or place on the top of the soil to retain moisture. It holds upto 20 x its own weight in moisture and "It Works"

People who are using it are reporting huge water reductions and healthier plants. The effects are tastier organically grown fruit, berries and veges and is a suppressant of curly leaf. 

Strawberry Moss - Double the amount of seaweed for quick results  Strawberries have five months to start growing to producing fruit, so lets give them what they need. Moisture - milled Shpagnum (moisture retention) and double the amount of seaweed that normal (quick organic fertilizer). Add strawberry moss to your potting medium (one handful per 10 litres) it will increase the root structure and make the healthier. Use Strawberry moss on top of the soil as a mulch and due to the natural fungicide in sphagnum moss the fruit will not rot.