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Moss &  Mulch

Both the retail packs (10 litre, 20 litres & 25 Litres) are being removed from here, so you can support our fantastic NZ Retailers.

Our leading outlets are Kings Plant Barns, Oderings Nurseries, Diacks Nurseries,  Mitre 10 and Mega stores, Bunnings NZ wide,Nichols Garden Group and other fantastic Garden Centre outlets NZ wide.

For those who wish to purchase larger quantities, continue to browse this below. 


Moss - Long stranded sphagnum moss.

Sustainable harvested from our own land and sold semi dried. You can have it either with or without seaweed.
Available in 60,100 and 1000 litre packs


Mulch "This Product Sucks" - Milled (chopped) Moss & Seaweed.

"It's this easy" You will retain more moisture and fertilize with 100% organically certified seaweed. The milling allows it to be blended into the soils, composts and potting mixes.
Mulch for Vegetables and Edibles; - Organically certified growing soil additive to be blended throughout soils (potting mixes and composts) or placed on top of the soil.
As Curly Leaf Suppressant:
It has been brought to our attention that Mulch suppresses curly leaf when placed in the hole at the time of planting, and around the top as tree mulch.

People who are using it are reporting huge water reductions, healthier plants with tastier produce.
Available in 60,100 and 1000 litre packs - under products on this site only

which Brings me too

Strawberry Moss - 

Once again, 10 litres avail in most leading garden centres.

 We have Doubled the amount of seaweed in this mix for really quick results. 

Strawberries have a few months from starting to grow, to producing fruit, so let's give them what they need to thrive.

Moisture; Milled Sphagnum is excellent for water retention and with double the amount of seaweed we are getting quick results.

Use By; When potting the strawberries up then blend the moss through the potting mis / compost, at a rate of One solid handful per 10 litres of mix.
Place the moss about the top as a mulch as the strawberries can sit on it and will not rot. Sphagnum Moss has Spagnol in it and its a natural anti - fungicide. They will not rot.
Uses; In the soil, raised planting beds (Fantastic) and blended through potting mixes and other composts. Excellent around the top of existing plots, pots, citrus, ferns and drying out areas.
Available in 60,100 and 1000 litre packs - under products on this site only
Also Buy one and buy one for a friend.

Transplanting Moss - with neem solution applied in it.


As transplanting Moss:

  1. Line your newly dug hole with some Mulch.
  2. Place your plant in the hole
  3. put some moss/soil mix about the roots, and around the top.
  4. Water thoroughly after planting.

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You also have the option with or without seaweed - as desired by you.

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