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Magic Mulch - Curly Leaf Suppressant - Bulk Bags.

Also known as - "This products sucks" - in our smaller 10 and 25 litre printed bags.
The combination of milled moist moss and the magical properties of seaweed have come into its own here.

This product not only acts a a excellent water retention, (upto 20x its own weight) but also feeds your plants with an organic seaweed that is slowly released from the moss.
We have constantly been informed by customers that it is suppressing curly leaf on there plants.
Now I have put it to the test myself and it worked very well. Try it. Apart from that its great in the vege garden, raised up beds, pots and other hard to hold water areas. It will boost the plants health and that means a better healthier plant all round.

About Magic Moss

A Sphagnum-peat swamp is one of the worlds most efficient
"carbon-sinks",  a great benefit for increasing oxygen emission whist absorbing vast amounts of Carbon Dioxide. Sphagnum Moss is truley; Natures Bandage. - Magic Moss is based in Sumner, Christchurch - NZ.

The moss is harvested from our own land. Sphagnum Moss can take 3-4 years to regenerate to a harvestable quality, so care is taken to conserve our resource with sustainable harvesting.

The Decorative moss harvested from the bush floor is also carefully selected allowing the new fresh growth to thrive.

The" Magic Mulch" product, combines, chopped sphagnum and liquid seaweed; from a concentrate solution. This has been enthusiastically received by gardeners and orchadists, frustrated with the perils of Leaf Curl.

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