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Magic Moss - Soil enhancing products  

Long stranded sphagnum, which is an excellent moss for mulching along the top of pots and planters, whilst retaining moisture with the ability to re-hydrate quickly. Available in 4 sizes - 10 litre, 20 Litre, 60 and 100 litres. Traditionally used in hanging baskets.

Magic Mulch - Milled Moss

Chopped and graded sphagnum to blend through soils or on top as a superior mulch, retaining moisture (up to 20 times its own weight) for healthier plants and stronger tastier vegetables, using the magical properties of New Zealand seaweed as an exceptional organic fertiliser.

Strawberry Moss

The special thing about strawberry moss is that it has double the amount of seaweed in it. Strawberries are gross feeders and require fertiliser over a short period. By adding strawberry moss to your potting medium it will double the root structure and make the plant more resilient to everything. Using Strawberry moss on top of the soil will allow the fruit to develop and not rot, due to the natural fungicide in sphagnum moss, spagnol.

Decorative Moss.

A range of fresh moss direct from the forest  for use by commercial floral arrangements, now available to you. Used for private functions and weddings as table centre pieces. runners and other natural features. Also used in the movie industry and advertising agents, throughout New Zealand. Specialist moss for reptiles and frogs that gets used in zoo and aquariums nationwide.