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Magic Mulch "This Product Sucks" - Milled (chopped) Moss & Seaweed. 
"It's this easy" You will retain more moisture and fertilise with seaweed.
We developed this product to blend through soils or place on the top of the soil.
It holds upto 20 x its own weight in moisture and feeds organically.

People who are using it are reporting huge water reductions, healthier plants with tastier produce. Its the side effects are tastier organically grown fruit, berries and veges.

We currently have this product under trail for cuppressing seaweed.

Uses; In the soil, raised planting beds (Fantastic) and blended through potting mixes and other composts. Excellent around the top of existing plots, pots, citrus, ferns and drying out areas.

Strawberry Moss - We have Doubled the amount of seaweed for quick results. Strawberries have five months from starting to grow to producing fruit, so lets give them all they need.
Moisture; Milled Sphagnum for water retention and double the amount of seaweed for quick results.
Use By; When potting the strawberries up then blend the moss through the potting medium at a rate of One solid handful per 10 litres of mix. Place moss about the top as a mulch as the strawberries can sit on it and will not rot. Sphagnum Moss has Spagnol in it and its a natural anti - fungicide. They will not rot.

Magic Moss - Long stranded Sphagnum moss

Here is your traditional long stranded moss with a twist on it. Seaweed has been blended through here to allow it to fertilize as its being used. We have had great retults here and its worked really well with Kokedama Balls. 
Uses; As well as the traditional use of hanging baskets, this product is excellent in the ground as well. When planting in dry soil then place it under the new root system, then some about the top so it can hold in the moisture. 
Around the top of pots and or chop it up and blend it through the potting mixes. It is very beneficial both inside and out of the house.
Other uses are Kokedama balls, Plant stakes and other methods of propagation. Example is Air Layering.
Important, Note to remember; this is in a "Ready to Use" form - moist.

You also have the option with or without seaweed - as desired by you.

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