About Magic Moss

Tim Gibson and Allan Paterson.

We are the proud owners of a magic piece of natural bush wonderland located in the Maruia basin of New Zealand's South Island.
Allan has a working history in nursery and plant production ,his experience and knowledge in these fields is a great benefit to the company.

Tim has had been involved in the possum fur industry and has had a long association with this area of bush land. Creative. adventurous talents have combined with horticultural know how in the development of this enterprise.
The Magic Moss property has a vast range of natural flora with large areas of Sphagnum Moss surrounded by natural Beech forest. Sphagnum Moss continues to grow atop itself, with the older growth forming peat.

The accumulation of the old Sphagnum can ,over many years, develop into layers of peat, in some cases many metres deep. Sphagnum Moss will take from 3-4 years to regenerate to a harvest-able quality, so care is taken to conserve our resource with sustainable harvesting. Decorative moss harvested from the bush floor is also carefully selected allowing the new fresh growth to thrive.
We discover new and intriguing forms of growth whenever we step into the bush.