Magic Strawberry Moss (MSM) Bulk and Friend share option.

Magic Strawberry Moss (MSM) Bulk and Friend share option.

  • $75.00

For our Strawberry grower friends out there!
Buy a 60 litre bulk bag for yourself and a gift bag for a friend!

The other option or purchase a 10 litre, if Magic Strawberry Moss via your local garden centres, if you cannot wait on the post.
This product is right throughout NZ via the leading garden centres chains. 
However larger quantities are only available via here.
Choices - 25 litres direct to you -  
50 litres - direct to you, 100 litres direct to you.
60 Litres and a friend pack re above

The Basics : 
Strawberries plants have only have a very few months from being planted, to grow and develop their large juicy fruit - "so let's better give them a hand".
This product works into the soil/mixes - 10 litres per 1 lineal metre of soil.
before placing some about the top for strawberries the to sit on.
MSM - has spagnol in it which allows fruit to sit on it and not rot. It's a natural part of sphagnum moss.

Why Magic Strawberry Moss? 

It has twice the normal amount of nutrients (certified organic seaweed) ,  than our other products, along with the amazing ability of sphagnum moss to hold moisture.  Your plants will be fed with our seaweed solution that is sprayed into the moss.
Magic Strawberry Moss can hold up to 20 times its own weight in water!
The Organic Seaweed solution needs reapplying each season for existing beds.
Easily purchased from this site here.

Blend one handful of Magic Strawberry Moss per a 10 litre (a bucket) of existing soil or potting mix. Save a bit for the top as a mulch.
This makes it ideal for raised gardens, planters and vege gardens. Its also an ideal time of year to plant the runners and remove old crowns.

Larger root systems, which will produce larger, juicier berries this year.

This Offer: 60 Litres for your garden and a 10 litre trial pack for a friend. Share the experience or keep it for yourself!