Citrus Moss - sphagnum moss, seaweed and citrus fert granuales

  • $18.50

If you are planting new Citrus in the ground or a pot.

Or caring for your existing Citrus, we are here to help.

Citrus Moss - Milled Moss with seaweed and granulated additional fertilizer that will.
* Keep moisture up to your Citrus - Really good with potted and existing ones. 
* The Iodine in the moss will help any broken roots recover, and the blended in seaweed will just keep it nice and healthy
*While the boosted Granules with 8-9 months-controlled fertilizer will get your citrus off to a great start. 

Directions: -
Open the cube and blend into the potting mix or soil/compost.

One cube does two to three new plants in the ground.
or two in a pots (depending on pot size)
or existing one. (5l Pot)
or one lineal metre of soil 

remember to water it when you are done.