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Magic Moss is ready to use and easy to apply, it is both natural and New Zealand sourced.
Magic Moss lasts many years under the ground and in its natural environment will finally break down to form peat.
Sphagnum moss has natural antiseptic properties and it can absorb 20 x its own weight in water.
A significant benefit in water restrictive times.


  • Used in the garden, in pots and in hanging baskets.
  • Can be mixed through the soil to aid water absorbtion.
  • Used in establishing plants in dry or stony ground.
  • First aid in the transplanting of trees and shrubs.
  • For propagation.
  • Perfect growing medium for orchid and bromeliad growing.
  • Ideal for carnivorous plant care.

The water retention is achieved by each single leaf of moss having a spore hole in it that allows water to enter it and then hold it, releasing it when required.
Because of its water-retentive qualities it conserves valuable resources and, of course, one of your most valuable assets - your time!
Plants just love it and why wouldn't they?

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