Transplanting with Magic Mulch - Fabulous for it.ase read below.

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"It's one of the best mises for using is for transplanting".
Because it consists of; -
Sphagnum Moss - Milled and infused with seaweed.

The sphagnum is holding moisture upto the damaged and new developing root systems.
It contains Iodine (naturallly), that aids all living things to recover from damage. - Trees, shrubs, Humans and Animals (Deer drag their damaged limbs through moss to sterile them).
The seaweed helps supresses curly leaf
. - Endorsed by many, as it slows and can hold back curly leaf.
The seaweed is sprayed into it the moss, which enables its to stay onto the sphagnum and be blended evenly throughout the mulch.

So you now have the perfect transplanting mixed at your local garden centre or garden outlet. - ASk for Magic Mulch and if they dont have it, please let me know and we will get some to you.
Its under the name of Magic Mulch. It's comes in two sizes.
10 and 25 litres and larger sizes are available on here.

Directions; - 1 handful per bucket of potting mix / compost, or Line the hole prior to planting and add to the top of both existing trees and established trees / shrubs. (work into the top layer).

Other Facts are; -
Magic Mulch lasts many years under the ground and will finally break down to form peat.
Sphagnum moss has natural antiseptic properties and it can absorb 20 x its own weight in water.
Is a significant benefit in water restrictive times. 

  • Used in the garden, in pots and in hanging baskets.
  • Can be mixed through the soil to aid water absorbtion.
  • Used in establishing plants in dry or stony ground.
  • First aid in the transplanting of trees and shrubs.
  • Perfect growing medium for orchid and bromeliad growing.
  • Ideal for carnivorous plant care.

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