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MAGIC MULCH, as an aid to planting, SUPPRESSES LEAF-CURL, a fungus prejudicial to healthy plant development. Copper, some mineral and amino acids and other trace elements will attack leaf-curl.


MAGIC MULCH is a blend of chopped (milled) sphagnum moss and seaweed. The seaweed helps suppress the leaf-curl problem while the moss-constituent absorbs up to 20 times its  dry weight in water and has a natural iodine content. This combination promotes the quality of soil or potting medium which may be deficient in the constituents necessary for good growth.



Blend Magic Mulch with potting mixes, (Approximately 2 handfuls to a 10 litre bucket of potting mix.) When planting new plants, mix a good amount of Magic Mulch with the soil extracted. Use this mulch/soil mixture to surround the root-ball of your plant.

For existing fruit trees, place a layer of mulch about the top soil, blending it in and water.


The concentrate seaweed solution in Magic Mulch contains the following:

  • Boron; Iron; Calcium; Phosphorous;
  • Magnesium; Potassium; Manganese selenium;
  • Cobalt; Sodium; Copper; Sulphur as Sulphate;
  • Iodine; Zinc; Nitrogen; Algenates.

Vitamins: A, B1,B3,B5, C. E, Carotene, Chorine, Pantene.

Amino Acids: Aspartene, Histidine, Glutamate, Phenylalanine, Asparagine, Proline, Glutamine, Alanine, Serine, Arginine.


MAGIC MULCH has antiseptic properties beneficial to plant welfare and growth.

Trees with damaged roots have also been helped by its application . An anti-fungal property in it, Sphagnol , is part of the moss structure and helps in resisting attack by adjacent fungus. We have learned that rose growers and orchardists have profited from its application


“Wishing to plant more fruit trees in addition to my existing trees, I tried Magic Mulch after being advised of its benefit by a customer.
I added mulch working it into the top soil surrounding the trees – and it worked!  No curly leaf.

Similarly, while planting new nectarine and apricot trees, mulch was worked into the planting holes with the result that there was no curly leaf on the nectarine and no fungus on the apricot throughout the season. Trees of a neighbour, no more than 20 metres away, had both leaf curl and mildew”.     -  Allan Paterson


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