Kokedama Starter Kit

  • $30.00

Welcome to the Starter Kit of Kokedama Balls – by Magic Moss
Kokedama Ball Starter kit – Consists of all the materials you need for one or two medium sizes balls (Softball size ball).

Plant not supplied to allow you to pick your own. 
• Sphagnum moss with seaweed.(10 litres)
• Heavy soil & potting mix combined.( 2 litres)
• Garden twine (14 meters)
These Instructions are also inside the box.
1. Loosen the roots of your selected plant. Succulents are good Kokedama subjects as they good both indoors and out.
2. Wrap moistened sphagnum moss around the outside of the roots this should roughly look like a ball shape and helps to keep the roots of the plants moist.
3. place the heavy soil & Potting Mix into a bucket and add some water to give it a firm mud-like texture. Wrap the soil around the sphagnum ball you have created. Keep the ball of soil media firm and mould into a round shape. This will help to seal root ball.
4. Wrap another layer of sphagnum moss firmly around this soil.
5. Wrap the ball with your selected twine. Starting from the centre of your ball, crisscross the ball with the twine for good coverage. A great tip is to place the string on your table and allow an extra 30 cms before you start winding the twine, this is going to be your tassel for hanging the Kokedama.
6. Hang it up in a place with good light and enjoy. To keep the Kokedama watered simply dunk it in a bucket of water until air bubbles stop appearing. Light and water are important to keep Kokedama healthy and happy. 
Have you heard of Kokedama otherwise known as ‘Poor Man’s Bonsai’?
Whatever name you give it Kokedama translates as ‘moss ball’ in English hence its other name - Japanese moss ball.
I love the look of Kokedama, they are very popular and the technique is really easy and fun to achieve.
Get ready to get your hands dirty, otherwise pull on some gloves and have some fun! You will need:
• Heavy soil & Potting mixture 
• small plant, choose from the plant list below for either indoor or out.
• sphagnum moss
• garden twine
• scissors.
Plants to choose from include: ferns including button, maiden hair or hen and chicken fern, baby’s tear, begonia, mini orchids, perperomia, syngonium, bird of paradise, dracaena (some), spiderwort, jade KOKEDAMA plant, periwinkle, echeveria, carex, Ficus pumila, string of pearls, dichondra, chain of hearts, succulents