Strawberry Moss - Milled Moss and Seaweed -which adds Great Flavour

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For juicier, sweeter strawberries this season, add strawberry moss  to your planting medium. The seasonal fruit prefer a more acid environment and sphagum moss with an average
PH. of 4-5. will help acheive this, together with the ability to absorb and hold an impressive amount of moisture. This  creates the perfect growing conditions for the production of large, healthy fruit.

Add strawberry moss to your growing medium to airrate your soil, adding seaweed nutition to the roots of your stock, adding a layer on top of your soil will retain mositure, reduce evaporation, whilst the natural anti fungal properties will stop the fruit from rotting.

1. Add into potting meduim at point of planting, 2 handfuls of strawberry moss to a bucket (10 litres) of mix.

2. Apply  generously around the top of the plant to boost growth and allow the fruit to sit on the moss and prevent fruit damage.