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Use Milled - Magic Strawbery Moss (MSM) Moss and Seaweed (certified Organic) -which adds Great Flavour with all those trace elements.
For juicier, sweeter strawberries this season, add strawberry moss  to your planting medium. The seasonal fruit prefer a more acid environment which sphagnum moss with an ow PH creates, the perfect growing conditions for the production of large, healthy fruit.

Add MSM to your growing medium to aerate your soil while adding seaweed nutrition to the roots of your strawberries. Add a layer on top of your soil will retain moisture, reduce evaporation, whilst the natural anti-fungal properties will stop the fruit from rotting.
Sphagnum moss has Spagnol - a natural anti-fungicide in it which allows strawberries it sit on it and not rot.

1. Add into potting mix at point of planting, 2 handfuls of strawberry moss to a bucket (10 litres) of mix.

2. Apply  generously around the top of the plant to boost growth and allow the fruit to sit on the moss and prevent fruit damage.