Living Green Sphagnum Moss Tips

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Green Sphagnum Moss.
Here is your chance to grow your own Sphagnum Moss.

Green Sphagnum Moss will grow and thrive in a filtered light situation. 
A living room, bathroon, bedroom or entranceway is perfect. It will tell you how it feels; if it has too much light it goes lighter in colour but will refresh itself when watered and repositioned into a filtered  light position.

The odd turning of the container keeps it a consistant green.The moss likes to be kept damp but not saturated.When the water content builds up carefully hold the moss and plant in place and tip out any excess water from your container. The water will not become smelly due to the antibacterial properties of the moss.These living tips of Sphagnum Moss will thrive when cared for,continue to grow and provide a stunning display of lush growth. Snipping off the tips and placing them in a terrarium or on the surface of existing planted displays adds a charming appearance.A good tip is to use collected rain water as natural bush-species prefer the application of a "soft-water".

Clam shell pack-  210x190x70mm

The box larger box has three layers - great deal 1#