Alpine Tree Moss 100g

Alpine Tree Moss 100g

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Weymouthia mollis

A member of the Bromeliad family, renown for its ability to refresh and clean surrounding air through its unique photosynthesis properties.

This species is of the air plant family; ( not requiring conventional ground roots) and naturally hangs from branches of beech trees in New Zealand’s native rain forests.
This tree moss grows in misty areas,normally at a high altitude.
Positioned to dangle from a branch as in its natural form,or arranged to complement your floral or planted arrangement, this unigue growth is extremely durable and can be reused if required. 
A misting with water will revive the fresh and natural look of this unique plant.

Also known as Spanish Moss 

A good tip is to use collected rain water as most moss and natural bush species prefer a "soft-water".  
Sold in a plastic bag. Bulk quanties are available on request.