Magic Transplanting Moss - amazing plants

Magic Transplanting Moss - amazing plants

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Transplanting plants can be hit and miss operation, but lets move the odds into our favour. 

How:- Sphagnum moss (holds upto 20 x its own weight in moisture) so this gets around the lack of moisture  upto the damaged root system.

Sphagnum moss is full of iodine naturally and has a trace element called Sphagnol in it - an anti-fungicide.
This assists with die back and the iodine helps damaged roots to regrow.
This is why humans use it, for its anti secptic properties.

Use by placeing about the root sytem when trans-planting your prised plants.
Or in the base of the hole when transplanting out of bags and pots.

Seaweed ;- is sprayed into the moss - for even distrubtion and is very effective in many of our products. refer to seaweed propoerties on this website. 

Added Neem - Neem is a natural pesticide and works fantastically on all the grubs and nematodes the soil.

So we now have moisture retention, seaweed and neem infused porduct that is going to help your transplanting your plants.

Talk about giving it your plant the best chance to survive.

This product is totally organic and will suppress curly leaf. refer to testimonials.

Available in many sizes.

How to Use; - wrap about exposed root systems or plance 2/3rds in the base of the hole and work the 1/3rd onto the top layer of the soil. Water well once completed.