Alpine Tree Moss 100g, 200g

Alpine Tree Moss 100g, 200g

  • $32.00

Alpine Tree moss or Spanish Moss
(Weymouthia mollis)

A fine moss is well used by florist and events folks.

This moss needs to be used and then stored in the dark. 
Naturally growing on trees in misty valleys it enjoys a good misting and like low light.

This species is of the air plant family; (not requiring conventional ground roots) and naturally hangs from branches of beech trees in New Zealand’s native rain forests.
This tree moss grows in misty areas,normally at a high altitude.
Positioned to dangle from a branch as in its natural form,or arranged to complement your floral or planted arrangement, this unigue growth is extremely durable and can be reused if required.

A good tip is to use collected rain water as most moss and natural bush species prefer a "soft-water".  

Sold in a plastic bag. Bulk quantiles are available on request.