Magic Strawberry Moss Bulk and Share Buy

  • $65.00

For our Strawberry growers out there!

Buy a bulk bag for yourself and a gift bag for a friend!

The Basics : 
Strawberries plants have four months from being planted and develop
large juicy fruit  - so let's better give them a hand.

Why Magic Strawberry Moss? 
It has twice the normal amount of nutrients (certified organic seaweed), along with the amazing ability of sphagnum moss to hold moisture. Magic Strawberry Moss can hold up to 20 times its own weight in water! Your plants will be fed with our seaweed solution that is sprayed into the moss - for an even application.

Blend one handful of Magic Strawberry Moss per 10 litres (a bucket) of existing soil or potting mix. Save a bit for the top as a mulch. This makes it ideal for raised gardens, planters and vege gardens. Its also an ideal time of year to plant the runners and remove old crowns.

Larger root systems, which will produce larger, juicier berries this year.

The Offer: 30 Litres for your garden and a 10 litre trial pack for a friend. Share the experience or keep it for yourself!