Nutscene Hertitage Twine Range - Large 130m

  • $15.00

Colourful Jute Twine, from the Nutscene ® Heritage Twine range.

A selection of offered in many different colours, which colour will you choose?

Each large ball is - made up of 3 strands (3 ply) and provides 130 mts of twine. 
The ball is 10.5cm high (just over 4″) similar in size to a medium grapefruit.

Each spool is - 3 strands of twine make up the 3 ply. The thickness of this twine is approx 3mm and each spool provides  110 mts of Jute Twine.
The spool (similar in size to a tin of peas) is 4″ in height 100 mm, and diameter is  2.5″ 65 mm.

Nutscene® Heritage twine range is - Biodegradable and materials have been sourced from sustainable resources for over 90 years