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MAGIC MULCH, as an aid to planting, SUPPRESSES LEAF-CURL, a fungus prejudicial to healthy plant development. Copper, some mineral and amino acids and other trace elements will attack leaf-curl. MAGIC MULCH is a blend of chopped (milled) sphagnum moss and seaweed. The seaweed helps suppress the leaf-curl problem while the moss-constituent...

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Creating Powerful Potting Mix 

Using Magic Mulch

In order to create a powerful,water saving potting mix, chop a quarter of a bucket of Magic Moss into 2 cm long pieces, then blend with four times the amount of potting mix.(1 part Magic Moss to 4 parts Potting Mix) Tip: The easiest way of doing this is to use our Magic Mulch (chopped moss and seaweed), and blend it through your potting...

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Using Magic Moss as a Transplanting Meduim 

Transplant your plants safely with Magic Moss

Magic Moss is ready to use and easy to apply, it is both natural and New Zealand sourced. Magic Moss lasts many years under the ground and in its natural environment will finally break down to form peat. Sphagnum moss has natural antiseptic properties and it can absorb 20 x its own weight in water. A significant...

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Strawberries- Improve their size & taste! 


Stawberries prefer a more acid environment, below PH 7. is preferable. Sphagum with an average PH 4-5. Has the ability,with its open capillary tupes, to absorb and hold an impressive amount of moisture. The Sphagnum will assist in airatting the soil and lowering the PH . this will create the perfect growing...

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Hanging Baskets - Lets Make One! 

Add colour to your deck or patio with a low maintenance hanging basket

Lets Start ! Place a 5cm layer of moss around the inside of the basket. Tip: If the holes in the basket are too large, place a layer of bird-netting around the inside of the basket. Then push this moss to develop a strong layer of moss. (as shown on the right). Place a piece of plastic on top of this layer...

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All Fruit Trees , (especially stone-fruit) can be protected from Leaf-Curl health by using Magic Mulch .

Leaf Curl is a copper deficiency which means; the existing soil or potting medium is deficient in copper and other trace elements. Magic Mulch is a blend of chopped sphagnum moss and seaweed. The seaweed is very high in minerals such as copper, trace elements and amino acids and has the ability to help solve the problem with leaf-curl,...

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