Natures Bandage

Sphagnum moss has benefited Man, animals and plants for centuries, it has natural healing properties!

Historical connections in the preserving of fish etc. in Viking days.

   Infused with garlic and used as a wound dressing,(poultice), in war years.

Wild animals have been known to drag a wounded limb through beds of Sphagnum moss.

   Used today in filtration. Of great benefit to tropical fish breeding and as a natural filter in pools, spa baths etc.

  Sphagnum moss has a long history and is renowned for having antiseptic properties.

  Sphagnum has the ability to absorb up to 20 times its own weight in water, providing your plants with a ready source of moisture and nutrients.


  Propergation: Roots love to grow into the sterile medium of Sphagnum moss.

  Transplanting: The healing properties of Sphagnum will aid the recovery of damaged roots.

 · A dressing of moss preserves raw cuttings and as a packing and travelling companion it will ensure a plant survives a lengthy stay above the ground.

  A ground-cover of Sphagnum moss, caps the soil surface, retaining moisture by reducing excess evaporation. The sterile qualities of the moss prevent stem-rot in the plant.