Magic Moss - Long Stranded Moss & Seaweed - semi compressed - all sizes

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Here is a fantastic way to keep you plants moist and well nourished with an organic seaweed blended into the moss. This is a ready to use product with no waiting on re-hydrating the moss.

This is long stranded moss that is used in making Kokedama Balls moss, hanging baskets, wreaths and fantastic about the top of pots or other plants to prevent them from drying out.

When Transplanting plants
Use as a Mulch around plants, as a water absorbing assistant under plants when transplanting them. It aids in root recovery from being shifted as it has iodine in it.

Place around the top of stressed plants to slow evaporation. 
Its equally good at mulching about the top of those plants that need protected from dry weather. Plants like Rhododendrons , Camellia's, ferns and citrus

Soil Conditioner
Chop this product up and blend into soils and you will hold upto 20 times its own weight in soil and when in breaks down it will turn into peat.

Ashburton District Council have endorsed it as they watered half as much when they used it.

Hanging Baskets
This is the long stranded moss to use in your hanging baskets, or wreaths etc.

Used to hold bromeliads and ferns in trees and on backing sheilds. 

The Seaweed

We use a NZ Award winning soil tonic seaweed blend, that is winning award by itself.

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