Terrarium Starter kit and Glassware Combo

  • $35.00

1.A selection of mixed moss and lichen that will grow well in a terrarium environment..
2. A bag of vermiculite and activated charcoal will filter the water. This natural mineral is ideal for drainage. 
3. A bag of pure high-more peat, an excellent medium for supporting the moss.
 Please note that a glass jar is not involved in this kit - have a look in the other products please.

To create your terrarium you will require a tea spoon and a pair of tweezers to manipulate and position the moss species.
Firstly, choose an appropriate glass vessel, vase, jar etc.
( a container with a clear lid is best, although a piece of cling-film can be used.) The periodic covering of the terrarium helps create a suitable environment, ( natural condensation occurs).
Position the vermiculite on the bottom of the container.
Cover the vermiculite with the peat and dampen with enough water to form a muddy bed to support the moss etc.
Use the teaspoon and tweezers to implant small sections of moss into the peat.
Less is best when selecting the type of moss you wish to use.
(Tight packing seems to hinder the on-growing of the moss).
Open round glassware for terrarium approx.  120mm x 130mm, suitable for table top or hanging