Magic Moss - What our customers think !


Ashburton District Council

To Whom It May Concern

I am pleased to provide the following testimonial for  Magic Moss & Mulch.
We have used Magic Mulch in our town flowering annual gardens for two seasons now.
I am extremely pleased with the results, especially thru one of the hottest driest summers. 

Magic Mulch is incorporated into the gardens before planting. Plants were only watered once after planting (due to strict restrictions on the use of water). The plants grew and flowered, as if they were being watered frequently, which was a very pleasing result.

I have been very pleased with the results of using this product. It has allowed us to greatly reduce the use of, and need for, water to promote the expected level of growth and flowering. I have no hesitation in recommending Magic Moss. We will be continuing, and expanding, our use of their products.

Please feel free to contact myself if you require any further information.

Technical Administrator, Parks & Recreation

Ashburton District Council, Ashburton Domain,
337 West Street, 
P O Box 94,
Ashburton 7740



Kings Plant Barn

This image is a growth-comparison trial undertaken by King's Plant Barn.
The plants on the right have Magic Mulch mixed through the potting mix. The extra growth and plant health are obvious even at this early stage.


Winner: Sunflower Competition.

Magic Mulch does it again!
Here's a photo of Thomas, the winner of the Sunflower competition.
Thomas is convinced his use of Magic Mulch gave him the winning edge in the competition.

Here are his thoughts on Magic Mulch:
This product was very easy to use and I mixed it in with my potting mix. I did not seem to have to water it as often and look at the result.
The flower seems brighter than the other flowers I had.





Dear Magic Moss & Mulch,

You may be interested to know I grow strawberries in deep square boxes on my concrete patio, in front of my home.They used to dry out quickly, so I put about a 10cm layer of Magic Mulch on the top of my plants early in summer.

The spring & summer growth was excellent. The mid - summer growth was fantastic with the moss mixture holding the moisture. I water them less & have the reward of the crop on going into autumn. Big Strawberries. What are a delight.

Perhaps you could hand on my success to others who have limited ground space but want to enjoy an edible garden with strawberries. I will be back for more Magic for this seasons strawberries. Thank you for convincing me of the benefits of moss.

Kind Regards 
Margaret Patterson
St Albans.


Take a Look at Annes Lillies ! 

Annes Lily Grown in 50/50 potting mix and Magic Mulch