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Coral Moss

Coral Moss (A unique and rare form of lichen).

An attractive addition to floral and garden arrangements. This swamp-habitat species resembles coral. It is soft and pliable when wet and will dry to a firm consistency.Coral moss does not seem to break down and will continue to provide enhancement to your floral or planted displays.Coral moss can be reused when handled with care.Remember to dampen down before rearranging.
Coral moss can be coloured useing a floral or vegetable dye.  
Sold in a clear pack, it will keep for a very long time in its dry state.
 Coral moss is packed moist and may need re-hydrating before use.
A good tip is to use collected rain water as natural bush-species prefer the application of a "soft-water". 
Here is something special: -A form of white moss that is fantastic to work with.
Ideal for all floral work including weddings etc.Formed into a container when moist or hot glued to a surface when in its dry state, this decorative growth will provide a long lasting display.

Clam shell pack- 210x190x70mm



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